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The importance of a healthy habitat for your rodents

The importance of a varied diet and sufficient water

A varied diet is essential for the health and well-being of rodents. Our mixtures of grains, seeds, vegetables and fruits provide rodents with all the essential nutrients they need. In addition, hay and rodent snacks contribute to a balanced diet and help wear down their teeth, which is essential for their well-being.Besides a varied diet, it is also important to make sure rodents always have access to clean water and a clean habitat. Feeding and water silos play an important role here, as they ensure rodents always have fresh food and water available to them.


Create a healthy tailor-made habitat 

In addition, bedding such as straw, wood fibre/chips or corn pellets helps keep rodents' habitats clean and hygienic. Clean and dry bedding helps prevent health problems such as skin irritation and infections.Choosing the right bedding is best done in combination with the right choice of housing. There are plenty of housing options available for rodents, ranging from cages to pens to runs.  This way, you provide a comfortable and safe living environment for your rodents. Be sure to also take a look at our product range to promote hygiene and care for your beloved rodents, including nesting materials, toilet wipes and cleaning products.

Give your rodent tailor-made fun

Finally, stimulating toys have an important role to play in preventing boredom and promoting rodent welfare. Challenging and stimulating rodents with toys such as tunnels, climbing frames and gnawing toys allows them to display their natural behaviour and keeps them active and healthy. Something we can only applaud!By ensuring a varied diet, a clean living environment and plenty of playtime, you can make sure your rodent leads a happy and healthy life. Remember to check regularly for any changes in their behaviour or health, and consult a vet for professional advice if necessary. With proper care and attention, your rodent will become a beloved member of your household.

Posted on 19.06.2024

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